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Why Choose Battle Creek Glass?

1. Design and engineering of custom exterior cladding systems including: unitized and stick curtainwalls, window walls, Aluminum Composite panels and storefronts


2. Estimating and cost models, VE and GMP development


3. Scheduling, constructability and equipment reviews, means and methods programs, manpower evaluation


4. Structural calculations, evaluation of code compliance, thermal and seismic performance, wind load and blast design


5. Evaluation and integration of selected materials, glass, metal panels, stone, louvers, insulation, finishes, sunshades, vents, doors,



6. Sustainability and LEED participation


7. 3D CAD and REVIT modeling for use on BIM projects


8. Recommendations for performance and visual mockup configurations


9. Contract and document reviews


10. Safety and QA/QC programs

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